SpaceX recently launched the Falcon Heavy, which has more than 2X the payload capacity than the world’s next largest rocket, and is the largest to launch since the Saturn V in the 1970s in support of the Apollo program.

This historic launch was super impressive, and was made even more so by the successful landing of the reusable side boosters (how cool was it seeing those boosters land so synchronously?!?), and the inclusion of its peculiar payload – SpaceX and Tesla founder, Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster.

Anyone reading this article already knows that use of the Tesla Roadster and Starman, outfitted in his SpaceX spacesuit, was done as a brilliant marketing ploy for both SpaceX and Tesla earning the SpaceX YouTube account over 490,000 new subscribers (an increase of 55.5%), and nearly 37 million views.

These are certainly impressive numbers, but what specifically was it that made this so ingenious, and more importantly, what can we, as non-outer-space-faring-rocket ship-building organizations learn and apply to our own social media and content marketing efforts?


Including the Tesla Roadster as payload for the Falcon Heavy launch created immediate relevancy for people with varying interests, beyond just rocket and space enthusiasts and Elon Musk admirers. People interested in Tesla, sustainable energy, automobiles, or just good ol’ interesting mash-ups will have found inherent interest in the launch. Additionally, the inclusion of the Roadster built upon existing interest and excitement that was generated at the recent reveal during the Tesla Semi event.

What can you apply?

Ensure your social media and content marketing initiatives create relevance with your targeted audience segments. Not every piece of content, ad, interaction, or other initiative needs to appeal to every one of your segments, but considering the various interests and contexts of your target audience segments over time, over a number of initiatives, will enable you maximize results in the long-term.


The pre-promotion, broadcast, and resulting content from the Falcon Heavy rocket launch serves as a great example of providing tremendous entertainment value and creating strong emotional resonance; it was truly inspiring.

What can you apply?

Providing value is imperative in the creation of ‘good content’ (READ MORE about ‘Good Content’ here). Every piece of content you create, curate, and publish needs to provide value by being: entertaining, educational, creating emotional resonance, providing utility, or some combination of the aforementioned attributes.


SpaceX did a lot right from a marketing executional standpoint with the Falcon Heavy launch, including the videography, commentary, music, graphics, interviews, stream quality, and more.

What can you apply?

There’s lots to learn from the pre-promotion, stream, and resulting content from the Falcon Heavy launch:

Plan Everything – Whether you’re planning a live stream or content capture, planning and preparing for everything you want to get out of it, as well as trying to predict any potential issues will help to maximize the quality of content you capture, and work through any live issues that could occur.

Aim Higher with Production Quality of Live Streams – Live streaming is relatively new, but broadcasters are rapidly raising the bar for production quality, and as a result the expectations of audiences. LEARN MORE about how to maximize the success of your streams here.

Sweat the Details – Whether streaming, or capturing content, it’s the details that will either lead to success, or turn people off. Consider music, audio quality, stream quality, camera angles, expertise and likability of on-screen talent, lines of communication between teams, graphics, cutaways, establishing shots, and more.

Creativity – While we all aren’t likely to have access to space faring vehicles to elevate the inherent intrigue of our content, opportunity is abound to apply creativity to the content you create. Do things differently, borrow and remix ideas, take risks, and be open to new ideas.


What did you most appreciate about the SpaceX-Tesla mashup?

Were there any executional elements that you particularly appreciated?

Were there any other key takeaways that you feel are worth sharing?

As always, it would be great to hear from you in the comments.





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