Whether you are working to launch a social media plan, or are evaluating the addition of another platform to your existing social media mix, there are important considerations to take into account when identifying the social media networks that are right for your business.

‘Experts’ and the media have a tendency to hype the launch of every new social media platform and inundate us with articles describing, ‘Why you need to be on Platform X’, or, ‘How Platform Y is going to kill Facebook’.

With this level of hype for new and existing networks, it’s understandably easy to be lured into thinking that your business might need to be on every possible social media network, when the truth of the matter is that your business very likely shouldn’t.

Making a decision about the right social media mix for your business involves some strategic and tactical considerations, some of which I’ve outlined for you here:


Business goals need to be a driver when determining your social media mix. These goals will inform how you will use social media to greatest effect, who you will be targeting, what content you’ll be publishing, how you’ll be interacting with your audience, what measures and metrics will be important, and much more. All of these things need to be taken into account when deciding which social media networks will best serve your business.


Every social media network has a different user composition. This means you need to align your target demographic with the networks where those people naturally engage.


Your content strategy needs to be properly supported by the social media networks that are best for your business. For instance, even if every person within your target demographic is on YouTube, if you’re never going to produce video content, there’s no point in launching a YouTube channel. Or, if there’s some strategic relevance in publishing content for your business that is primarily about cats wearing funny costumes, LinkedIn might not be your best bet as that’s not where people tend to go for that type of content.


While there are some consistencies, not every social media network offers the same opportunities to interact and engage with your audience. Further to this, user interaction behaviour differs greatly from network to network. Consider how you plan to engage your social media communities as part of your network selection process to ensure that you are able to sustain the types of dialogue you are hoping to have with your target audience.


There are a number of reasons why paid media needs to be on your radar when considering your social media mix. Paid social can be an efficient method to grow your community, enhance the ROI on your social activity, and engage targeted audiences, to give a few examples.


The utility in registering social media accounts for your business that you and your team simply cannot sustain is pointless. In fact, it may actually harm your business as it can create a negative impression or experience with your brand. When deciding on a social media mix, make sure that you and your team has capacity to maintain a solid presence on each chosen network.


How have you decided which social media networks are right for your business?

Which considerations do you find to be of most importance when evaluating your social media mix?

Have you ever made a bad decision in this area?

It would be amazing to chat with you more about this in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial, so please feel free to touch-base.

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