Frequently, we gauge brand-related success on social media on awareness, perception, affinity, or other similar measures.

And these make sense as correlations can be made between each measure respectively, and conversion events such as sales, registrations, sign-ups, votes, subscriptions, downloads, or whatever else you may consider a conversion for your business.

Recently, however, I came across a stat on Think with Google – which is home to a deluge of useful information by the way – that got me thinking about how we measure brand-related success on social media, or any other forms of marketing.

Here’s the stat that got me thinking:

2/3 Gen C agree that if they love a brand, they’ll tell their friends about it.

I recognize that this stat isn’t likely to blow your mind, as it’s quite intuitive, but what struck me was use of the word, ‘love’.

Through my career, I can’t recall one instance when ‘love’ was a measure of success, a goal, guiding principal, used in a mission statement, or was otherwise included in the jargon used to describe a brand’s purpose.

The power of using the word ‘love’ as a guiding principal or goal for a brand is that it is so clear, and so full of emotion that you can’t help but to be inspired by it.

If your business’ goal is to have people ‘love’ your brand, it will require full organizational buy-in, tireless commitment, and an approach that addresses every consumer touch-point.

As a result, your product will be better, your customer service will be better, your sales experience will be better, your hiring practices will be more focused, and of course, your social media and content marketing will be better.

With ‘love’ as a goal and guiding principal, everything about your business and brand experience will be better, which will lead to higher sales, greater conversion rate, increased loyalty, an influx of referrals, and greater perception of value.

By comparison, more common measures such as awareness, perception and affinity just feel so flat, don’t they?


What brands do you love, and why do you love them?

What do your customers love about your brand?

How might having customer love as a goal affect the way you operate?

It would be great to chat with you about your thoughts in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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