I’ve been a huge fan of Pocket for some time now. It has allowed me to more efficiently navigate the web, focus on what is most meaningful to me, and has dramatically increased the efficiency with which I can curate content.

At it’s core, Pocket is a service that allows users to collect web pages, articles, blog posts, videos, images, or any other type of content you might want to reference later, in one convenient location.

Use of Pocket has been beneficial for me both personally and professionally, and if you’re looking for a solution to help you to navigate and organize content more efficiently, I implore you to check it out.

Here are a few of the reasons why I’ve got a tech-crush on Pocket:


Pocket lets me cover some serious ground when browsing the web. As I come across anything that I might want to read or review, or share on my social media networks, I simply save it to Pocket and find it waiting for me in one convenient location when I have the time to sink my teeth into it.

Why is this better than an RSS feed? For me, I’ve found that over the years I have so many sources of content filling my feeds that even they can become a bit of a chore to monitor. I primarily use Pocket to find content that is meaningful and important to me now, and that I may want to take some sort of action on – share it, comment on it, or simply read it.


I’m obviously very interested in consuming content that is related to business, marketing, social media and content marketing, technology, and other related subjects. However, I also have a great deal of interest in keeping up with what’s going on in the categories in which my Clients’ businesses compete.

Pocket has a simple-to-use tagging feature that lets me easily organize the content I’ve saved for fast future reference and application for my varying needs.


If I’m too busy (read: too lazy) to appropriately tag the content I save to Pocket, it has a handy search feature that will quickly identify what I’m looking for. Because the results are comprised only of the content I’ve saved, results are fast and rarely require much additional digging to surface exactly what I’m looking for.


This is a no-brainer solution for organizing content from the web. I’ve installed the Pocket bookmarklet (which I highly recommend), which allows me to save the pages I’m looking at in one click.


Pocket works on all of my devices – laptop, tablet and phone. It syncs the content I save to the platform in the background, and even saves content for offline viewing, which can be out of this world useful if my WiFi connection is spotty, particularly when travelling.


It goes without saying, but I highly recommend you check out this tool.

If you’ve used it, do you think of Pocket?

What tools do you use to curate content?

What tools do you use for other aspects of social media marketing that you can’t live without?

It’d be great to hear about your experience and the tools you’re using in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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