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Of the 104 articles published on the RGB Social blog in 2013, the following 10 received the most number of views:

1 – How to Create Content for Your Multilingual Facebook Page

Published: February 18

Creating content and engaging a multilingual Facebook community presents many obvious challenges, though none of which are insurmountable.

I live and work in Canada, which means many of the national clients I’ve worked with require that all marketing materials and content for social media be created in English and French. While this can sometimes prove to be challenging, there are a few tips and considerations that can make your life easier and help to sustain the impact of your content, no matter what language it is in… READ MORE

2 – YouTube TrueView Ads: Anticipated Results & Tips

Published: April 4

There are many great sources of information about what Google TrueView ads are, about the value they offer, the various types of TrueView ads, and generally how to use them. However, after the searches I recently conducted, there aren’t a great number of sources to inform you about the results you can achieve with TrueView ads.

This is the information gap I’m hoping to help fill by sharing my recent experience with these ad units, and I’ll share a few tips toward the end of this article… READ MORE

3 – How to Activate Targeting Options for Facebook Timeline Posts

Published: May 6

Do you have access to Facebook’s targeting options for your timeline posts on your business or brand Page?

Funnily enough, I’ve found that this feature isn’t enabled by default for many Facebook Pages, which means you may need to make a few adjustments to gain access.

If you don’t have access to Facebook’s timeline post targeting options, no worries.

You can fix this by adjusting your privacy settings. Skip to the step-by-step instructions below for how to adjust your privacy settings to be given access to this powerful feature… READ MORE

4 – Killer Content: Oreo Cookies vs. Cream

Published: March 20

There are amazing businesses and brands producing amazing – check that – killer content every day. This post will highlight the incredible content marketing play by Oreo, Cookies vs. Cream.

What they did

Oreo tapped an insight that consumers tend love their cookies for one of two reasons; because of the crisp chocolate cookies, or because of the smooth cream filling.

Then, Oreo doubled down on the resulting creative work on mass and social media… READ MORE

5 – 7 Creative Ideas for How to Use Facebook Photo Comments

Published: July 29

Facebook recently introduced photo commenting functionality on business and brand Pages.

So, how can you use this feature on your Page?

Well, I’m sure that you, and others will devise amazingly creative ways to use this functionality in the future, but I wanted to get you started with a few creative ideas of my own… READ MORE

6 – The Timing of Contextual Relevance on Social Media

Published: July 1

There have been numerous examples in recent history of businesses and brands taking full advantage of timing and contextual relevance to amplify their message on social media.

Sony recently capitalized on Microsoft’s disastrous Xbox One announcement with a humourous video tutorial on how to share used games in the wake of Microsoft’s anti-used game policies (that they later rescinded).

Gillette recently created a content series entitled, ‘How does the Man of Steel Shave?’, to tie into the release of the film, Man of Steel… READ MORE

7 – Unignorable Stats About How Social Media Influences Purchase Behaviour

Published: June 13

I recognize that preaching the importance of social media to businesses is a little redundant. By now, buy-in to social media marketing is near ubiquitous, but I still find that many organizations have a difficult time quantifying the value they can achieve through the strategic use of social media.

While I certainly don’t have a silver bullet response to help everyone understand the actual quantitative value of social media marketing, there are some incredibly compelling stats I’m going to share here to help you understand just how important social platforms can be to your business… READ MORE

8 – Non-SEO Tips for Writing Click-Worthy Blog Post Titles

Published: June 10

How many articles have you read about how to write the best blog titles for SEO?

Lots? Yeah, me too.

Well, here’s another idea; how about writing blog post titles with an aim to captivate and compel prospective readers to click on your post, and so that they will have some sense of what they are investing their time to reading?… READ MORE

9 – Maximize Your ROI on Social Media With a Content Promotion Plan

Published: August 8

Before you put time, effort and money into creating amazing content, you should develop a content promotion plan.

For most businesses and brands, attaining a critical number of hits on their content is of utmost importance. Goals, objectives and KPIs tend to be built around audience engagement and conversion, and I hate to break the news to you, but your content isn’t going to work toward converting people that don’t see it.

Failing to properly promote your content means you’re missing out on maximizing the ROI of your social media and content marketing efforts… READ MORE

10 – Creating vs. Curating Social Media Content for Your Business

Published: April 18

Having a steady flow of engaging and valuable content is a constant challenge for most businesses and brands.

The time and effort required to produce incredible Facebook updates, powerful tweets, stunning pins, captivating videos for YouTube, and longer format blog posts is a challenge that many businesses find overwhelming.

Social media and content marketing require incredibly hard work if you are going to experience the full benefits they have to offer. That’s just a fact… READ MORE

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