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There are businesses and brands producing and publishing amazing content, and doing some really amazing things on social media and with digital technology virtually every day.

It’s probably not surprising that a concert series put on by Apple would be pretty fantastic, but there are many more facets to what makes this killer than just the sheer scale of the month-long event.

What they did

The iTunes Festival is – you guessed it – an annual concert series, during which high-profile performers take the stage every day, for a month.

Each day a new concert is performed in front of a live audience and is broadcast via iTunes, an iPhone and iPad app, and on Apple TV.

Check out the following site for more information including a full lineup and schedule of performers for the 6th annual iTunes Festival:

Why it’s killer

Sure, Apple is massive and iTunes is the largest retailer of music in the world, so you would expect that if they were to put on a concert series that it would be of equal proportions.

And it makes great sense for iTunes to hold an event like this. It builds on iTunes’ value proposition, is tremendously entertaining to iTunes users, likely creates a surge of affinity for the product, and perhaps even draws lapsed iTunes users back to the platform.

What makes this concert series even more amazing is that it would be so simple for Apple to become complacent with their music distribution dominance that they cease to promote it with vigor. This is a trap that many leading brands fall into, which in some cases leads to their demise. But they haven’t done this, they’re continuing to push their promotional efforts, and are doing it in a grandiose, and likely very costly, fashion.

Additionally, Apple has tapped their ecosystem of technology products to heighten the value proposition for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and Mac users.

Finally – and I know you’re wondering where social media comes into play here – there is a robust pipeline of content being created from each performance; videos and photos of performances, retweets from participating artists, and more. This entire event is an amazing source of content, conversations, and shared experiences for music lovers across the world.

What can be applied to your business?

Organize your audience around shared experiences

Whether they are online, on social media, or offline, organizing and fostering experiences to be shared can have a greatly positive impact on your business. An experience that consumers have and share online is a high prize as people are creating a very literal association with, and endorsement for your brand. Ultimately, this acts as a sort of social validation that will work toward earning you the trust and attention of other consumers.

Always act like a challenger brand

Even when you’re on top, and by a considerable margin, there are always competitors who will have you in their sights, and will be waiting for an opportunity to take a bite out of your dominance. Stay hungry and continue pushing to undertake smart, strategic activity to keep your brand in a leadership position.

On social and digital media this will mean finding new and interesting ways to provide value and connect with your audience.

Take full advantage of opportunities to feed your content pipeline

You should always be thinking about ‘social media’ and opportunities for content creation, and particularly so when planning and executing communication programs, promotions, events, or any similar activity. Capitalize on every opportunity to create and capture content to maximize the ROI on your programs, and keep your audience satiated and involved with your brand.

Ensure that your content builds on your brand’s core value proposition

Sure, you can provide value in a multitude of different ways, but unless the value connects back to your brand’s core value proposition, you’re not going to experience any meaningful long-term benefits. All of your social media content, advertising and marketing should be contextually relevance to your business, brand and consumers; otherwise, you’re wasting your time and resources.


Have you tuned into the iTunes Festival?

Who are you most looking forward to seeing perform?

Have you seen any killer content recently that you’d like to share?

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