With a solid 7 days of experience using Vine, I’m going to go ahead and declare myself a world-leading-ninja-Jedi-guru thinker on the social network (please know that of course I’m kidding).

If you’re not familiar with Vine, it is a social media network built around the creation and sharing of 6-second looping videos. Think Twitter, but for videos. As a matter of fact, the platform is actually owned by Twitter. Check out the official Vine blog for a more detailed description of the platform, direct from the creators.

Why you should care about Vine

While 6-seconds might initially sound limiting, one of the most exciting aspects of this restriction is that it forces content creators to get to the point and add value without unnecessary filler. Also, because videos must be captured using the smartphone app, it puts all content creators on a level playing field. No fancy cameras. No fancy editing software. Just 6-seconds of start and stop, point and shoot recording.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated at the prospect of shooting video, the limitations that Vine applies should actually give you comfort to give it a shot.

10 Steps For Small Businesses To Produce Killer Video Content

So, Vine levels the video creation playing field and is very accessible, but how can you use this platform and its 6-second videos to add value to your consumers?

Following are video ideas that can be executed in 6-seconds that businesses and brands can use to create value for their consumers:


A simple ‘how-to’ video can be incredibly helpful to your consumers. Show them how to prepare a sauce, install a faucet, use a feature of your software, pair clothing items, and on. The start-stop functionality is perfect for multiple step ‘how-to’ videos; quickly record one step and then stop your recording so that you can set up the next step, and repeat. ‘How-to’ content is inherently valuable, and if it is related to your business, can serve to demonstrate expert knowledge and leadership within your industry.

Event Updates

The bite-size nature of Vine videos is perfect for providing regular and frequent updates from your event, be it a grand opening, corporate event, seminar, training session, conference, holiday party, or coverage from your mega-promotion. Amplifying the experience of live events to a broader audience is a fantastic way to build brand affinity, get more value from your investment, and prove your brand’s promise.

Feature Products or Services

Showcasing your products or services can help to promote your offerings, effectively raising awareness and generating excitement amongst your consumers. Multiple videos could be made for each product or service, each with a focus on highlighting key features or attributes. With an increasing number of consumers researching purchase decisions online, the provision of critical information through digital channels can be the difference between making a sale, or not.

Promote Sales/Specials/Deals

Holding a 50% off sale for the holidays? Promote it with a video. Offering a free coffee to anyone who checks-in on Foursquare? Promote it with a video. Giving away a free whitening for new dental patients? Promote it with a video. You get the idea, and the value here is pretty easy to identify.


Don’t discount the value of entertainment. Vine is perfectly suited for producing interesting and entertaining stop-motion videos. Also, it’s great for short jokes, quips, or moments of greatness. Find ways to entertain your audience that are relevant to your brand, and they’ll reward you with increased interaction, engagement and loyalty.

If you’ve had a chance to use Vine, what do you think?

Do you see Vine as an opportunity for your business or brand?

If so, how do you plan to use Vine?

It would be amazing to discuss this with you further in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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