The best way for most organizations to produce the best, most meaningful content they can is to establish a culture of content creation by which many individuals – if not everyone – plays a role in creating strategically relevant content. In a previous post I outlined 5 necessities for doing just this.

In addition to establishing a culture of content creation, there are a number of very practical tools and resources that can be invaluable for staff involved in creating content. There are many more, but following are 6 tools and resources that you should consider supplying your content creators:

A Smartphone

Smartphones are incredibly valuable. They can do quadruple duty as a camera, video camera, audio recorder, and note pad. As Chase Jarvis famously said, ‘the best camera is the one that’s with you’. If your content creators have a smart phone, then they’ll be equipped to capture any moment, anywhere, at any time.


As you all know, photos can be like content catnip. On social media they attract views, shares, comments and likes incredibly well, and photos are a great accompaniment to any blog post to convey an idea in an instant. So, having access to a powerful photo editor can be a valuable tool for augmenting photographs, adding copy to an image, cropping, applying filters, and customizing and combining images.

Your Product

One of the main reasons consumers are initially drawn to brands on social media is because they already have affinity for your product, and any content that showcases this, tends to be received very well. Give your content creators easy access to your product because you never know when they might find themselves in a situation where they might be able to use your product in an interesting way, stage it in a photograph, give it to someone to try, discover a new application for it, or who knows what. The one thing you can count on is that if they don’t have easy access to your product, they won’t be able to capture any of these things.

Content Calendars

Provide content creators in your organization with regular content calendars so they can have a clear picture of your vision for your organization’s content for the coming period of time. Remember that content calendars don’t necessarily need to be filled with pre-crafted content. Instead, they can be filled with directional descriptions of desired content, the creation for which can be delegated or signed up for.


A top-line of your social media analytics can be helpful for content creators to give them an idea of the types of content that perform well with your community. Also, seeing one’s own content perform highly can be a source of pride and motivation for contributors to produce even more content.

An Editor

In my experience, one of the more common excuses for people being resistant to creating content is that they feel as though don’t have any time to do so. If you, or someone in your organization, can serve as an editor (and lets face it, sometimes a re-writer) it can mitigate this excuse because contributors won’t need to worry about absolutely perfecting their content. Instead, they can get their ideas down as well as time will allow, and they can then pass it off to someone who will finesse it and add a bit of polish.

As mentioned, there are many more tools and resources that you should consider providing the content creators within your organization, but these are a few that I feel are most critical to get started.

What tools and resources do you have access to for content creation within your organization?

What are your favourite tools for content creation – particular hardware, software or anything else?

As always, it would be amazing to hear from you in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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