I’ve been a fan Foursquare for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3-4 years now. Foursquare is an easy social media platform for consumers to use on a regular basis, can provide great value through the sharing of tips, allows businesses to reward consumers with specials, and is an amazing way to engage people on their mobile devices when they are physically experiencing your brand. Pretty good right!?!

If your business or brand operates out of brick and mortar locations and you’re not using Foursquare, I’d recommend paying more attention to this social media network.

Following are 5 reasons why you should be putting more effort toward your Foursquare presence:

31% of mobile social media users use Foursquare*

A presence on Foursquare will instantly contribute to your mobile presence. If you offer your consumers value through your Foursquare specials, they will reward you with an increased number of check-ins. Check-ins can be seen by users’ social graphs, can be intriguing to those who are unfamiliar with your location, and can attract new consumers, to list a few benefits.

80% of active Foursquare users have acted on another user’s tip*

Activity on Foursquare can directly influence purchase behaviour. Before a consumer enters your doors for the first time they have access to the shared experience and knowledge of all tip-leaving consumers before them. Positive tips will obviously work to your benefit, but make negative tips a positive experience by addressing them head-on, make changes to rectify any issues presented, and work to mitigate repeat negative tips.

More than 66% of active Foursquare users post tips*

Foursquare users are not just checking-in, but many are leaving tips that are essentially micro-reviews. Not only is this demonstrative of a high level of engagement with the platform, but also serve as the best kind of advertising for your business. It has been show, in fact, that 70% of consumers trust reviews more than any other form of advertising.

Opportunity for social media amplification

Sorry, I couldn’t find a statistic to support this, but anecdotally, many Foursquare users cross-promote their check-ins on Facebook and Twitter. What this means for business owners is that check-ins are reaching a much broader audience than just peoples’ friends on Foursquare.

Tie social media activity directly to real-world results

The catalyst for all engagement on Foursquare is a check-in at your physical location. Because of this, it’s easy to measure the correlation between check-ins and special redemption with key metrics that really matter. Cross reference check-ins with in-store traffic to see if Foursquare activity is bringing new consumers to your store. Cross reference check-ins with sales to see if Foursquare activity results in higher sales. Cross reference check-ins with special redemption to measure loyalty. There are numerous opportunities for meaningful measurement.

Have you included Foursquare as part of your social media strategy?

Have you had any success rewarding customers with specials?

Have you learned anything about your own business by monitoring consumers’ tips?

Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial, it would be great to hear from you.

* Stats from Factbrowser

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