Almost without fail, the first step that is outlined in guides for developing social media marketing strategies is to set your goals and objectives. While I certainly agree that this should be one of your first steps, I think it’s actually more critical to first identify what business you are in, in the context of social media. Without acknowledging exactly what business you’re in, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to identify a set of attainable goals and objectives for your social media marketing efforts.

If you sell clothing, are you in the fashion business? Or are you in the lifestyle business? What kind of lifestyle? Urban lifestyle? Sporting lifestyle? Grunge-rock lifestyle?

If you sell insurance, are you in the insurance business? Or are you in the safety business? Or are you in the business of creating peace of mind?

If you sell wheelchairs, are you in the medical devices business? Or are you in the life enhancement business? Or are you in the business of independent, boundless living?

People probably don’t want to talk about a pair of pants, insurance or wheelchairs, and they certainly won’t voluntarily get involved in conversations about those things. They will, however, get involved in conversations that give your product or service more emotional meaning, or a central idea that they can rally behind.

By taking time to determine, or acknowledge, what business you are in and how you can bring that to life in social media, you will set yourself up for greater success, and be able to more accurately determine what goals, metrics and objectives should be tracked.

How have you positioned your business to be relevant and conversation worthy to your audience? Let me know in the comments, or if you’d like to contact me about anything else, you can do so in the usual places:


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