I spend a good amount of time looking at digital and social media profiles for individuals, businesses and brands for both my profession, in the advertising industry, and for this blog. Something that never ceases to amaze me is how many incomplete profiles I come across – missing profile pictures, no link to a website, no textual information, no contact details, basic visual elements missing, and so on.

While maintaining an up-to-date and complete profile might seem like a frivolous detail, it is actually critically important. I liken it to walking into a business meeting with your fly down; if you’d remembered to zip up, you’d look exponentially more professional. The same thinking applies to completing your digital or social media profile. It is critical to have a complete and up-to-date profile on all of your digital and social media properties.

Following are 15 of the numerous benefits that can be experienced by having a complete profile:

  1. Appear more professional
  2. Convey your competency of having strong attention to detail
  3. Give a greater sense of credibility
  4. Evoke greater trust from your consumers and connections
  5. Provide a better sense of your motives and what you stand for
  6. Convert digital and social media traffic into real-world foot traffic by providing your location
  7. Increase the relevance and value of followers and fans by letting them know what to expect from your content
  8. Sociability will be heightened if people know who you are and what you look like
  9. Drive traffic to your website
  10. Generate sales by driving traffic to your e-commerce store
  11. Cross promote your other social media and digital properties
  12. Generate leads, sales and connections by providing contact information
  13. Demonstrate your dedication to creating relationships via digital and social media channels
  14. Achieve your digital and social media goals and KPI’s
  15. Demonstrate the value you place on design and aesthetics

With this said, get to it! There is no reason to have incomplete or out-of-date digital or social media profiles.

What other benefits can be experience by having a complete and up-to-date profile?

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