August 20, 2012

To Blog, or Not to Blog

To many, the thought of maintaining a blog for business can be daunting. Contributing to a blog, keeping a regular posting schedule, ensuring content is relevant and topical, and figuring out how a blog can fit into your social media marketing strategy are just a few of the many perceived barriers.

Despite the barriers, in this post I will outline 7 of the benefits a blog affords, and how it can work to support your business or brand’s broader social media marketing strategy.


Contributing to your blog is a perfect place to demonstrate thought leadership in your industry or area of expertise.


Blogs are able to house all types of content. Whether you are producing traditional written posts, lists, videos, video blogs, audio, podcasts, pictures, inforgraphics, or anything not listed, a blog can serve as a central hub for all of your content.

3. SEO

Dominating the first page of search results can be critical for maximizing your digital exposure to prospective clients. A blog that is properly optimized and is regularly maintained can contribute to this first page domination.


Everything you post on your blog can serve as valuable and incredibly relevant content to link to and share with your social media communities.


For new brands, businesses, or businesses looking to enter new markets, a blog can assist with establishing credibility with new consumers or business partners. Your blog serves as an archive of your brand’s activity, authority in your industry, and history of thought-leadership to name a few ways in which it can help to establish credibility.


Your blog gives prospective employees a more complete view of your organization, the way it operates, the way it thinks, your expertise and experience, and anything else they might want to know about that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. This can position your organization as one that is desirable to work at for any number of reasons, which will ultimately assist with recruitment.


As mentioned in one of my previous posts, most social media platforms have strict regulations about how they can be used for promotional or contesting efforts. In fact, there are some social media platforms such as Google+, that don’t allow promotions or contests at all. Because a blog is essentially an independently operated web site, you have free reign to run promotions or contests however you see fit, so long as they operate within the respective promotional, contesting and lottery rules and laws in your region.

While these are just a few of the many benefits of blogging for businesses and brands, hopefully you have either gained a greater appreciation for the value of blogs for business, can see how to better integrate a blog into your social media marketing strategy, or you have picked up an idea or two about how you can use your blog more effectively or more creatively.

How do you use your corporate or business blog? What are the major benefits you have experienced from blogging for your business? Is your blog integrated with your social media marketing strategy? It would be great to hear from you in the comments.

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