comScore has reported that as high as 17% of engagement on Facebook is with photos. While this is not likely a shocking revelation, a challenge many brands have is the ability to generate photo content on a regular and ongoing basis.

Following are 7 thought-starters for how to generate more photo content to share with your social communities:


This may seem obvious, but take photographs of your store and share them with your social communities. Remember, not everyone who you engage with online will have necessarily been to your physical location, so this may give them extra incentive to actually make their way to your store. Also, for those who have been to your store, they may have personal stories to share about a favourite display, seat, section, nook or cranny that they might want to share as a tip to others.


Take photos of your best selling products. Take photos of new products. Take photos of your favourite products. Take photos of your most useful products. Take photos of future products. Everything you carry should be seen as possible content. To drive purchase of complimentary products that you carry, think about photographing several things together – the ultimate spring-cleaning kit, or complete summer beachwear looks.


Treat your social properties as a digital portfolio of the amazing work that you have done. Be sure to tag these shots so that prospective clients can easily find the most relevant photographs to projects similar to those they might be considering working with you on.


Take pictures of yourself. Not only does this give personality to your business and social properties, but it also allows for you to build credibility as an expert in your area of expertise. Additionally, if your audience finds you to be relatable, they may be more inclined to value your endorsements, recommendations and opinions.


If your business is primarily operated out of an office, take pictures of your employees at work, having fun, at work functions and with clients. These shots can give prospective employees and clients a sense of your corporate culture and help them determine if your business is one they’d like to work for, or do work with.


If you have particularly loyal or happy customers, ask to feature them on your social media properties with a brief review of their experience with your business. Not only will this provide you with a valuable review and content, but the likelihood of that person tagging themselves and sharing that experience with their social graph will also increase, resulting in additional exposure and potentially a larger audience to engage with online.


If you sell vases, post photos of amazing local florists and floral arrangements. Featuring complimentary products/services with your endorsement can not only provide you with relevant content for your community, but may also help to boost your sales. If you want to take this a step further, explore building relationships, be they real or virtual, with the business owners of these complimentary products/services. Who knows, maybe they’ll showcase what you have to offer to their social communities?

How have you used photos to engage your social communities?

Have the photos you’ve shared led to any real-world results?

Let me know in the comments for this post, and as always, if you’d like to chat about this or anything at all, please feel free to email me at, reach me via Facebook at, or on Twitter @RGBSocial.

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