Facebook ads can be a useful tool to add to your marketing mix if used correctly. We all know the basics for creating compelling Facebook ads; vibrant eye-catching visuals, copy with a compelling and clear call to action, and so on. The purpose of this post is to provide a few tips that I have picked-up, observed, and applied to the numerous Facebook ad buys that I’ve managed over the last several years for clients of varying sizes.



Before you jump into making your Facebook ad buy, think about what it is that you’re hoping to accomplish with your ads. Do you want to increase engagement with your content? Are you hoping to acquire new fans? Are you hoping to maximize exposure for your brand? These are just a few of the important questions that you should have answers to in order to determine how to approach your targeting decisions, creative for your ads, and so that you can decisively gauge the performance of your campaign


Take time when working through the many targeting options that Facebook provides. The detailed targeting options are one of the key strengths of Facebook ads and really warrant a good hard think before making your selections. Think about your targeted consumers, who they are, what they are interested in, where they are likely to reside, and how old they are. Also, remember your strategy. Are you hoping to increase frequency of visits or purchases from existing consumers, or are you trying to draw new consumers to your brand? All of these things should factor into how you target your buy.


Facebook offers near real-time analytics on your ad buy, which allows you to review the performance of your ads, and make adjustments as you go to maximize the efficiency of your spend. Take advantage of this. Typically I will run as many as a dozen ads to start a campaign, let them run for 3-5 days, monitor analytics, cut under-performing ads from the mix, and increase dollars for higher performing ads. I’ll repeat this process every few days for the duration of the campaign, and let me tell you, it really makes a huge difference.


When someone clicks on your Facebook ad, you might be driving them to your Facebook Timeline, a Facebook App, your website, blog, or any web destination with a unique URL. No matter where you are driving traffic from your ad buy, you should ensure that the content they land on adds value in the sense that it is informative, educational or entertaining. Alternatively, you could be adding value through provision of something with real-world value such as a coupon, give-away, or promotional offering. No matter your strategy, converting clicks from your Facebook ads to more meaningful action is entirely dependent on giving consumers a reason to stick around once they’ve clicked. Don’t let them down and miss this conversion opportunity. Also, in my experience, the better, more meaningful and valuable your content is, the better your ad buy will perform.


There are a few main things to take away from this post. First, remember that it takes time and effort to create meaningful and compelling ads. Second, Facebook ad buys are only as good as the ads that are running, so give your campaign a helping hand by not just letting it run its course, review and optimize as you go. Finally, ensure you are taking advantage of increased traffic by providing value with your content and converting clicks to more meaningful action.

Have you ever run a Facebook ad campaign? If so, how did it go? What did you do to ensure success?

If you have ever managed a Facebook ad buy and would like to share your experience, or if you have any relevant questions it would be great to from you in the comments for this post. Alternatively, you can contact me via email at matthew@rgbsocial.com, on Twitter @RGBSocial, or on Facebook at facebook.com/RGBSocial.

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