Whether you like it or not, your business has a mobile presence. The penetration of smartphones in Canada is now above 45% (source: Comscore) and consumer interaction with social media on their mobile devices is exploding. With proper management, nurturing and influence, you can turn mobile social media engagement into a powerful tool to drive real-world results, including brand affinity and sales.

Following are 3 ideas for how to integrate mobile with your social strategy and marketing plan to generate measurable, real-world results:


An increasing number of consumers rely on digital reviews when making purchase decisions. In fact, it has been reported that 70% of consumers trust reviews of others more than any other form of advertising (source: Business Insider). With the explosive growth of review-based mobile sites and apps, such as Yelp, you can not only expect to improve perceptions of your brand or business if your reviews are favourable, but also see increased foot-traffic and sales.

Identify and encourage your valued customers to deepen their engagement with your brand by writing a review that will be seen by others on popular mobile platforms such as Yelp.


Reward your consumers’ social interaction with a special offer. Location-based social media platforms such as Foursquare offer tools to create loyalty programs and in-store specials.

Convert social media interaction into sales.

Additionally, if you operate a brick and mortar business, or have your product carried in physical locations, you can drive your consumers online for exclusive deals that are only extended to your social media communities. What makes this approach effective is that you will not only be driving social community growth by directing consumers to your social properties – such as Facebook or Twitter – but the exclusive deals featured on these properties will drive your online social traffic back to the store for redemption. See the chart to the right for a visual depiction of the cyclical nature of driving from your store to your social properties, and from your social properties back to your store.


Best suited for small businesses, you can literally trade proof of social interaction for in-store or real-world rewards, discounts, value-adds or offers. Have a customer show you that they’ve ‘liked’ you Facebook page on their mobile device, give them a free appetizer. If they’ve sent a tweet recommending the service you’ve just provided, give them 15% off. Just be sure to balance what you are asking of your customers with a reward that has a value sufficient enough to make their interaction feel worthwhile.

Question for consumers: How do you engage with businesses or brands on your mobile devices?

Question for brands: How to you integrate mobile into your communication plans, social media strategies, and advertising campaigns?

Question for small businesses: What benefits have you experienced using mobile and how did you achieve those benefits?

It would be great to read your answers in the comments, on Twitter @RGBSocial, on Facebook, or by email at matthew@rgbsocial.com

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