After doing a quick audit of Facebook Pages for some of the local businesses in my neighbourhood, I was surprised to discover how few of these pages had a cover photo. If you are a small business owner, I recommend you take a few minutes to think about how you can use this space, and upload a cover photo that will best work for your needs. Following are 5 ideas for how a cover photo can be used:

  1. BRANDING – To reinforce your brand positioning, choose imagery or a photograph that speaks to what your company represents.
  2. PRODUCTS/SERVICES – Highlight a new product, your vast inventory, innovative service, seasonal offerings, or anything else that might be enticing to your fans, and draw new customers to your business.
  3. LOCATION – Showcase the physical appearance of your location so it will be easier for new customers to find.
  4. CUSTOMERS – Spotlight your regular customers in a cover photo of them enjoying your product/service. Include a story in your timeline or on your blog about why they are such great customers.
  5. PROMOTIONS – There are detailed restrictions about what can and cannot be included in your cover photo (Facebook Pages Terms: Section III, B), you can communicate that your business is offering a digital or real-world promotion. Consider including more detailed information in a Pinned Post.

These are just a few ways that a Facebook cover photo can be used as a communications tool for your business. How do you use cover photos? Do you ever change your cover photo to reflect what you are doing in the real world?

If you would like any assistance with optimizing or designing a cover photo for your business, or would like me to send you the Photoshop template I use for designing cover photos, please feel free to email me at

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